Wall Installation

AFS Logic Walls, AFS Redi Walls, and Gyprock

Wall Installation

Wall installations are perhaps the easiest and best ways to clad surfaces without having to undergo any kind of surface treatment or structural alignment. AFS logic walls are lightweight sandwiched panels that are created by bonding fiber cement on steel frames. The panels are erected by hand and are excellent substrates for any kind of applied finish that you would want for your surface. The panels can be made as thick as required and are an idea for residential apartments, motels, commercial spaces. Shopping centers, and motels. They have a good load-bearing capacity and can be easily installed. Adam Pro’s teams are experts in AFS logic wall installations.

AFS Redi Walls can snap it into place and are made from plastic concrete formwork that is selected based on the profile of the building. These walls can simply slide into place. they require no machinery for installation, so areas, where there is no electricity connections, can also use this rendering. Small spaces also benefit from Redi Wall installations. The added advantage of Redi walls is that they can be easily installed, and are tough as well as low maintenance, and can be used for columns, retaining walls, and party walls. You can look through our project gallery for more information.

Gyprock or plasterboard is another type of rendering option that Adam Pro offers for its customers. This is because we strongly believe in customer autonomy and choice, and we make sure we have as many options as we can deliver. Gyprock has been used for creating smooth finishes since time immemorial. Limestone was a regularly used material for plastering Australian homes in the 1940s, but since then scientific advances and high-tech materials have evolved to give higher durability and better finish. Gyprock is one of the innovations where standard plasterboard has a layer of gypsum between two sheets of special paper. Gyprock is extremely useful for creating water-resistant and soundproof surfaces. Adam Pro offers high-quality gyprock renderings that can be easily used in any kind of structure.

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