Polystyrene Cladding Installation

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Polystyrene Cladding Installation

Polystyrene Cladding Installations are a cost-effective alternative to the traditional ways of using concrete blocks and fired bricks for rendering. The polystyrene cladding helps buildings to become energy-efficient by providing it insulation. Moreover, the polystyrene cladding adds life to the exterior of the building enhancing durability while giving the appearance of a solid brick wall.

Polystyrene cladding can also help with home and building extensions where the thickness of the building can be matched to the thickness of the extensions by using this rendering. Adam Pro’s professional team of individuals who are known for their impeccable work and brilliant styling techniques can help with this kind of rendering as no other team can. Using professional tools and their creative problem-solving approaches, Adam Pro’s team members will deliver amazing results in minimal downtime.

You will not have to worry about the rendering’s durability because we offer material and workmanship guarantees of more than 7 years.  The cladding is easy to manage and clean adding to the building’s long life. The fact that the sheets are impervious to pests and rodents, makes for a damage-resistant building where it also repels water and vapor.

With polystyrene claddings as the rendering material of choice, you can be sure of the material’s strength and capacity to resist and retard fire. The rendering foam that is used in the cladding also protects against strong winds and lashing rains that might otherwise have the strength to uproot many strong structures. The reason for the material being tenacious is that it is lightweight and does not lose its characteristics even when it is exposed to water and high temperatures.

With the numerous benefits of polystyrene cladding in place, it is no wonder that it is frequently chosen for rendering spaces across Sydney. Give us a call today to find out more.

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