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Caulking / Silicone Work

Gaps and holes are an inevitable presence on any wall. They can be highly disturbing for many who are fond of smooth surfaces and can be an eyesore when they are present next to something appealing. Gaps, cracks, and holes can completely ruin the beauty of a space you might have worked hard to decorate, which is why it is important to address them. Caulking is a process that helps cover gaps and holes, not only to make the surface smooth but also to seal it to make it water and air-tight.

Caulking is mainly used to protect homes and offices against having water and air from the environment entering the space. Silicone is a common material that is used in caulking, whereas Adam Pro also offers an organic option in the form of Polyurethane, with the caution that it tends to break down due to UV exposure, making it last half the time as much as a silicone caulking lasts. However, while silicone caulking cannot be painted to match the surroundings, polyurethane caulking can be painted over, making it suitable for wooden frames and windows.

Adam Pro exists to ensure that whatever choice you make, you are aware of all the advantages and disadvantages and that you know which material would be most suitable for your building or structure. Our highly knowledgeable workers will visit your site to understand your requirements, and then they will guide you about the materials, styles, and options that will be suitable for you. You can choose any team member whom you are comfortable with, and they will help you to understand the kind of work that Adam Pro will do for you, the materials that they will use, and the timelines that can be expected. 

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