Rendering Canberra

Rendering Canberra


“I enjoy being outside in the cold.” It denotes that you are productive.” —Noam Chomsky, author of “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Most people picture Australia with white sandy beaches, freckled locals running into the waves, and koalas and kangaroos. On the other hand, winter in Australia is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable winters you’ll ever have; however, temperatures drop to as low as 5 ° Centigrade.

Nevertheless, working outside during the cold winter season may be a challenge if you’re a contractor or applicator. Aside from being uncomfortable, winter weather can cause a slew of problems for construction workers, especially if you’re rendering in Canberra.

Know your working conditions

It stands to reason that you must read and fully comprehend the manufacturer’s application instructions before commencing the render application process.

Another factor to consider is the type of render system being used. For example, wet and cold weather resistance is better in dry dash systems than silicone dash systems.

It’s also good to check the local weather forecast for the days you’re considering applying to render – actively avoid days with a lot of rain, wind, heat, or cold. Adverse weather conditions can significantly impact both the render application and drying/curing times of Rendering in Canberra.

Tips and Tricks

Work does not always stop because it’s cold outside, so how can you avoid these potential problems when working in inclement weather? We’ve compiled a list of suggestions to assist you.

Because of the cold, the render may not dry quickly enough. If this is the case, the render may absorb excess moisture for longer, making it vulnerable to water damage.

When applying thin coat render in colder climates, Mineral Render is an excellent choice. This is because it’s a dry-mix render, which dries much faster than our ready-to-use thin coat renders. It also dries much faster than our Monocouche Scratch Render because it’s applied in a thick layer, strengthening the curing time.

When rendering in Canberra during cold weather, using a Render Accelerator is also recommended if you’re using our Silicone Silicate, Silicone, or Acrylic Renders. In the winter, simply add 100ml of Render Accelerator per 25kg bucket of render to get faster drying times, less cracking, and less moisture retention.

Regarding the basecoat layer, the Winter Adhesive was created for use in freezing temperatures where the weather is less than optimal – it can also be used at 0 degrees. When using the Winter Adhesive, you can rest assured that your fine coat renders will be applied to a sturdy and crack-free surface. Furthermore, you’ll increase your chances of a perfect finish if you do the same, even if the weather is not suitable!

Why should you work with Adam Pro Rendering?

When working on a construction project, things may not go as scheduled, and stormy weather can prevent you from initiating Rendering in Canberra.

Luckily at Adam Pro Rendering, we have extensive experience with all types of Rendering. Many renderers and homeowners enquire if this is the perfect environment for Rendering. We attempt to provide as much information as possible to handle mistakes where the materials perform poorly.

Call us to talk to an expert professional about our services in detail. Or fill out our online form. We’ll be happy to serve you.


Does the rain have an impact on render?

Subjecting a render to rain, if you’re working in it or getting rainfall directly on a freshly applied render, will cause color and texture consistency issues. In addition, extreme amounts of water can wreak havoc on the bond/ adhesive between the coats, resulting in more significant matters.

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