Pool Rendering Canberra

Pool Rendering Canberra


Pools are a wonderful extension to any home. They keep you cool and comfortable, engage the kids, and boost the price of the house. However, like all man-made constructions, these formations must be well-maintained to ensure that it remains in good working order. Cleaning and minor repairs are sometimes all that are required to make the pool safe to use. Full swimming pool rendering in Canberra is needed to maintain its functionality in certain cases.

Swimming Pool Rendering process

  • Here’s a quick rundown of what occurs during this procedure:
  • After the pool has been completely drained, professionals can thoroughly inspect the surface.
  • They will properly clean a pool as soon as they have identified issues of interest and analyzed the condition of the pool’s surface.
  • Before preparing the pool surface for rendering, all necessary maintenance is completed.
  • Pool walls are diligently prepared by experts, who remove the material as needed, fill cracks, and smooth the surface.
  • Experts will apply smooth layers of render mixtures after the walls are fully prepared. They’ll make certain that the application is completely flat.
  • As soon as the render material has had a chance to dry, experts go over it again to flatten out any jagged edges.
  • When the render compound has completely dried, after-treatments or water-resistant solutions are applied. We recheck the finish to make sure there are no jagged patches or incomplete spots. The smooth surface eliminates the risk of cuts or abrasions while swimming.

Different Types of Swimming Pool Rendering

There are two types of pool rendering in Canberra: concrete and acrylic, which we can apply to your swimming pool surface. Here’s a quick rundown of the materials:

  • Cement – This is the classic rendering material, and it still performs well. The render material is mixed with sand, and some humidity and waterproof solutions are added. This mixture takes a while to set and dry, but it provides a great foundation for swimming pool tiles if properly installed.
  • Acrylic – Although this rendering material is primarily made of acrylic, it is not entirely composed. The mixture of sand, cement, and waterproofing solutions contains a significant amount of acrylic or plastic. The acrylic ensures that the render is versatile while offering excellent barrier properties. Compared to cement renders, acrylic renders are less likely to crack and chip.

So, what makes Adam Pro Rendering such a good choice?

We can also handle pool repair work along with pool rendering in Canberra. If a segment of your pool exterior is compromised, we can gently remove a layer, make sure the destruction doesn’t become too deep, and then apply a good rendering remedy to the repaired surface. Simply call us and explain your needs, and one of our customer service representatives will assist you.


If you have any questions about Adam Pro Rendering’s Swimming Pool rendering Canberra services, please call or fill out our contact form. Any questions you may have will be gladly answered.


What Are the Advantages of Pool Rendering?

Rendering a swimming pool has some advantages:

  • Increases Pool Lifespan – New rendering extends the life of a pool and reduces the need for repairs.
  • Appearance – Latest rendering materials come in various color schemes, giving you plenty of options.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain – Rendered surfaces are simple to clean and keep in good condition.
  • Long-lasting – Since contemporary rendering solutions are long-lasting, they will continue to look fresh and new for a long time.


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